April, 2020, JUST RELEASED 

Full Body 360 Imaging Studio

(Developed in Ohio, USA)



                             Our 360 imaging prototype and development studio.



             Click on the photos below to see the webrotate rendition of our images.


                            resized                                      phillibrary



                      Capture completed images Start to Finish in less than 27 seconds....... 

backpack    audrypose    plumbob2

                    Create "Spin Images" as fast as your live models can pose........       

            stripes                 girlwithflowers                        dress

  Ideal for clothing manufacturers....create hundreds of images per daily shoot.

            green                           flower         B2B


Above Images are at 50% resolution....Below are a couple at full resolution

audrypose                         flower                                                

Display more than a single clothing item....you can now show people how to dress...

                             *** using your products***



                             and of course.....Any item can be placed or hung in the studio.....

                                                                                                 FOR EXAMPLE

cylinder   helmet         hat       


turbo    regulator  clutch 

and.....educational Images are likely to become a huge opportunity 

 2crabsml        2elephsml                   owens face

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